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Escape Room Coevorden

Below are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question is still not listed. Please contact us through our
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Can I order a gift certificate?

Ordering a gift certificate can easily be done through the following page: https://www.escaperoomcoevorden.nl/escape-cadeaubon/

How many people CAN we play the escaperoom with?

The room can accommodate 2 to 6 people. A minimum of 10 rooms of experience per person is required for pairs.

For questions, please feel free to contact contact Escaperoom Coevorden.

What time should we be there?

You must be there at least 10 minutes before the start of the game. This is so that the last things can be explained and the restroom can be used if necessary. If you are late, this will come off your own playing time since we work with a later schedule and there are also groups coming after you.

Is the room playable if I know nothing about computers and tablets?

Yes indeed, despite its many technical gadgets, this room is of course playable even without technical knowledge.

Mission Mars is not a standard Escape Room with keys and combination locks but an innovative room with many audio visual effects. With us, the tablets are a replacement for regular locks and combination locks, so everything fits the theme.

Are we really being locked up?

No! All the doors are closed with a magnet. These can be opened at all times with the emergency button on the side of the doors. Also watched and listened to by the game master. This also has an emergency button that causes all doors to open immediately.

How long does the escaperoom last?

The goal is to escape within 60 minutes, if you manage to do this, you have passed the mission! If more time is needed then you may play through to get the whole experience.

Is the escaperoom suitable for 2 people?

Yes and no 😉 The room is not suitable for escapers without experience for two people. For avid escapers with more experience (both persons played 10+ escaperooms), it is possible to play the escaperoom with two people.

If in doubt, you may always contact us by phone.

Is the room playable for someone with claustrophobia?

Next to each door is an emergency button that immediately opens the doors. Also, someone is always watching and listening so should you still have a panic attack, we intervene immediately with our emergency button.
The smallest enclosed room is at least 3.5 by 3.5 meters.

Is there a toilet available?

Yes indeed we have a restroom, it can be used before and after the game. During the game, unfortunately, this is not possible since you cannot leave the room during the game.

Is the escaperoom bookable for someone in a wheelchair?

Our escaperoom is wheelchair accessible however not all games can be done from a wheelchair. We also do not have a disabled toilet. Please note that due to space, it is possible to come with 1 wheelchair per group.

Can we play the Escape Room as a family with children?

The escaperoom is playable for a family with children if the adults also play along.
However, the minimum age is 12.

Where can we park our cars?

There is plenty of free parking in front of our escaperoom.

How can I pay at Escaperoom Coevorden?

Payment must be made in advance at Escaperoom Coevorden, this can be done easily with iDeal.

Do you have a gift certificate?

You can enter this as a discount code: below the QR Code is a 4 times 4 fold code, enter the last 4 characters as the discount code.

Example code: AA11 – BB22 – CC33 – DD44, then enter as discount code: DD44.

The gift certificate must be brought with you when you play, as proof of payment.

What language is the escaperoom playable in?

The escaperoom can be played in Dutch and English. Please note that if English-speaking is booked it is of course important to have an English-speaking game host available. Therefore, to be sure, contact us in advance for options.

Why is the average time around 60 minutes?

The game officially lasts 60 minutes, however, the group can continue playing after this time is up. After the 60 minutes, however, additional hints will be given so that everyone does see the entire experience. This does make the average time higher than any other escaperoom, but everyone always plays the entire room.

We would like to come with 2 or more groups, is that possible?

Yes indeed it is possible! Subsequent time slots should then be reserved at the time of booking. So with 2 groups 2 time slots with 3 groups 3 time slots etc. The 1st group starts at the appointed time and once they finish, the room is prepared again as soon as possible for the next group. So the time in between will not be an hour as booked which will allow the groups to go through faster. However, unfortunately we do not have a waiting area so the groups cannot arrive at the same time. As soon as the 1st group is ready, the 2nd group can come. The 1st group can then continue to wait with the 2nd group because this group has already played the room and thus will not get any more spoilers. When the 2nd group is already present at the game of the 1st group then all sorts of things are already given away so the experience will be less.


You can enter this as a discount code: below the QR Code is a 4 times 4 fold code, enter the last 4 characters as the discount code.

Example code: AA11 – BB22 – CC33 – DD44, then enter as discount code: DD44.

The gift certificate must be brought with you when you play, as proof of payment.

Why can only be booked one month in advance?

Unfortunately, due to side activities and the “normal” work of both owners, it is not possible to look further than 1 month into the future for bookings.
Therefore, only 1 month in advance can be booked. Want to book further into the future? Then check the reservation module 1 month before time.