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Activity in Coevorden?

Looking for a fun activity or outing in Coevorden? Stop by and vist Escaperoom Coevorden. An escaperoom is an updated activity where you gat 60 minutes to escape and is fun to play with friends or family. Join the adventure and escape in time! Are you ready for Mars?


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Escape Rooms Netherlands

YOU KNOW to escape WITHIN 60 minutes

We are looking for brave astronauts who are ready for the mission of a lifetime! Can you handle pressure and solve any problems creatively? Then we are looking for you! Sign up now for a real mission to Mars!

join the adventure with mission mars

Heb jij het in je? Denk jij te kunnen overleven op Mars en veilig weer terug te komen? Onderzoek, ontdek en wees creatief binnen deze innovatieve Escaperoom. Reserveer nu en kijk of jij het in je hebt!

Find the clues and solve the puzzles

Try to escape from this next level escaperoom, where you won’t find any locks or combination locks. This room is full of unique techniques for forming and entering codes. An updated experience that really makes you feel like you’re on Mars!




The average time is more than 60 minutes because every group is allowed to continu the game, altough time is passed.

These figures were last updated on: 31-12-2022


Na reservering  van de Escape Room wordt alle benodigde informatie z.s.m. toegezonden per mail. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie of klik hier voor de meest gestelde vragen.



Minimum age: 12 years old

Recommendation: 3-5 people.



From €20 per person:

2 persons: €99.00

3 people: €105.00

4 people: €110.00

5 people €115.00

6 people €120.00



(Close to the N34)


AIRCO is available in the escaperoom!


Check available times now and reserve and pay easily online.

More than 1,000 visitors went before you!

Mega original experience on Mars

One of the very best escaperooms we have ever played! Unfortunately just missed out, but the nice owners let everyone play it out. So they take plenty of time for the entire escaperoom experience, including an after-action discussion with fun action photos of your group!
The escaperoom itself was very technical, but for the non-technicians among us, it all worked itself out 😉 And precisely because of the techniques/effects used, the puzzles are very original and fit completely into the story. The entire room is perfectly themed and beautifully finished!

– Kim

Refreshingly fun!

Normally, FarmForce is a family of 4. Now that we are on vacation, the oldest son is not with us and we were curious to see what we could put down here with 3 people (FarmForce has already put down tight times). The reception is corona proof and very friendly.

After the explanation, into the first room. The room(s) are neither small nor large, good for the number of people the room indicates without being cramped.

We have seen quite a few rooms and feel that this escaperoom is beautifully taken care of. We actually imagined ourselves in a futuristic environment. Despite having a “technical” theme, we found that you do not have to be a techie to do this room (we are not techies and made it just fine).

All in all, a very nice room with a logical progression without much hassle!

– farmforce

Technically good and nice escape.

The mission march theme is a cool and timely one. The escaperoom great thought out and you really feel like space shuttle. This escaperoom is truly a technical masterpiece. The reception and guidance is also top notch. Highly recommended.

– Jasper

A surprising and well thought out Escape Room, without the usual keys!

Very friendly staff, a good explanation, and a well-made room! After that time, you get to see action photos of your group, which is also a nice touch, as you never get to see this at other Escape Rooms. This room is definitely worth the challenge!

– Chantal

Very innovative escaperoom with cool assignments!

With a fairly experienced team of 6, we did this escaperoom. The welcome was warm and the explanations were tailored to our experience with escaperooms. The escaperoom is beautifully built and everything works great. There are many innovative things, and not the standard fiddling with locks 😉
We escaped in a record time of 44.19!

– M. de Vries

Space travel executed to perfection

Hospitable welcome and then on to Mars! Nice puzzles and wonderful execution. Nice technical gadgets. Afterwards, the trip was reviewed. Not escaped, but we were allowed to play a little longer to still get everything in.

R. Hindriks


Escaperoom Coevorden is suitable for, among others.

FRIENDS outing

Looking for an outing together with your friends? Escape Room Coevorden is very easily accessible and suitable for various friends outings.

Vacation activity

On vacation in Overijssel, Drenthe, Friesland or Groningen? All within driving distance of Escaperoom Coevorden.


Do you have a lot of experience with escaping? The pass rate is 42% so also challenging for experienced groups! No or little experience yet? At this escaperoom, you may continue playing even after the 60 minutes.


Escaping together as a family or household is a fun challenge! The minimum age for the escaperoom is 12 when combined with an adult.


Escaperoom Coevorden has a location in the province of Drenthe, a twenty-minute drive from Emmen. This original Escape Room is more than worth a visit, not convinced? Check out the responses from escapers!

Looking for an Escape Room in Drenthe or a fun outing in coevorden? And can you handle the tension as well as keep a cool head under great pressure? Then come to Escaperoom Coevorden with Mission Mars and find out if you have it in you!


Escaping and Laser gaming!

Is just escaping in an Escape Room not enough? Then we now have an active package! Come escape at Escaperoom Coevorden and go laser gaming at
Lasergame Coevorden
, both 20 minutes away from Emmen.
The activities are only 700 meters apart, which means about a 5-minute walk.
When this package is booked you get a 10% discount on both activities.
For bookings and more information:

CONTACT WITH Escaperoom coevorden